PC Power Calculator

July 14, 2014
PC Power Recommendation/Consumption Calculator

You may not know it but your power supply is crucial to your system. Not having enough power may cause system freezes or crashes. This interactivity will determine if you have sufficient power. Configuration based on a average PC.

1)Which CPU do you have:
Intel Pentium (20 Watts)
Intel Celeron / AMD Duron (25 Watts)
Intel Pentium II, III / AMD Classic, Thunderbird (30 Watts)
2)What kind of video graphics card do you have:
2D Card (5 Watts)
3D Card with 8 MB RAM (20 Watts)
High End 3D Card with more than 16 MB RAM (30 Watts)
3)How much memory do you have:
Anything > 32 MB (Get more RAM)
32 MB (2.3 Watts)
64 MB (5 Watts)
128 MB (10 Watts)
4)How many Hard Drives do you have:
1 (25 Watts)
2 (50 Watts)
3 (75 Watts)
4 (100 Watts)
5)Which Optical ROM / Storage Drives do you have:
CD-ROM (25 Watts)
DVD-ROM (30 Watts)
CD-RW ROM (30 Watts)
( Watts)
( Watts)
( Watts)
( Watts)
6)Please check off other hardware you have:
Zip Drive (10 Watts)
Sound Card (7 Watts)
ATA Card (5 Watts)
SCSI Card (5 Watts)
PCI Modem (5 Watts)
PCI Video Card (10 Watts)
Other PCI Card (5 Watts)
Other Hardware automatically taken into the equation:
Motherboard (20 Watts)
Floppy Drive (5 Watts)
Your Recommended Minimum Power Supply for this system is:  !!*

If you don't meet the minimum power requirements i suggest you upgrade your power supply right away!!!

Here are some recommended sites to purchase power supplies:
PC Power & Cooling

*Formula used = sum of wattage used by devices x 30% (or 1.3) buffer to be safe. And remember fans, cooling devices and anything connected via Firewire(IEEE 1394) or USB also draws power directly from the system.